An education consultancy is guiding, showing educational opportunities to the students interested to study worldwide. Today’s modern world, the need for an international outlook is increasingly seen as a necessity rather than an advantage. The advantages of overseas education are very high nowadays, obtaining a globally accepted degree from abroad allows people to travel and live anywhere in the world with flying careers. A truly cosmopolitan experience. We are professional education consultants; we provide services based on our personal experiences. Whatever changes you’re hoping to make or goals you are trying to achieve in life. We will provide you with sound advice and guidance at every step on the way to achieve your goals in life. Take a Look around and see what we can do for you today.

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About Us

JOSEFIA Education Consultants aims to advance the profession of education consultancy by establishing high standards of performance. Having lived experiences in the problem-solving and practical knowledge of trends, patterns and data in the ever-changing admissions and visa process, education and career industry. We help our clients to overcome all significant obstacles which are faced while undergoing education process abroad. If you are contemplating the idea of moving overseas, do not think twice and let us help you in interpreting your dreams into reality through our expert consultancy services where our goal is simple: give you a completely unbiased and impartial advice and provide you best of service. From talking a personal decision to reaching great millstones, our job is to guide you on the path of success. As professional educational consultants, we guarantee excellent results.

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A Study abroad is a life-changing experience. In addition to acquitting yourself in a global environment, an international education significantly enhances one’s future prospects. Programs in universities abroad provide more than just an academic qualification; they focus on the overall development of an individual. Interacting closely with people from diverse countries and cultures will not only broaden your perspective, but also help you develop cross-cultural skills which are an invaluable component in a modern multi-cultural environment.

Educational Visa Consultancy, dedicated to providing best solutions to the students seeking for education in International educational institutions. Josefia education Consultants are Overseas Educational Consultants, acknowledge for delivering best guidance and counselling to the students. You can study abroad in best educational hubs of the world with us. To guide each student on their journey of higher study from initial decision-making to course completion, and beyond.

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Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is about equipping students with the necessary knowledge, skills, and values. To make informed decisions at each critical education stage for the successful transition from school to further education or work, and hence to manage their career pathways and lifelong learning throughout their lives. Through ECG, social-emotional competencies and qualities of proactivity, adaptability, and resilience are developed to prepare students for the 21st Century.

Most people have a level of uncertainty on where to get help in how to choose a career and career guidance. Draw on your own life experiences on jobs, classes or other opportunities that you may have particularly enjoyed. Remember, this is very personal and is all about you! Choosing a career can be very satisfying with the right help. So don't put too much pressure on yourself to make the perfect decision, and always keep your eyes open, and use all available resources in your journey to find how to choose a career.

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Our Services

A visa is an entry clearance, which permits an entity to enter into a non-native country. Students require a Student Visa or Student Pass to come into a foreign country to stay for study. It is always not easy to get a Student Visa to enter into to the country and use its educational and other services. Every country has a different set of criteria to ensure that the student will be benefitting the nation and will not be responsible for any malpractices during the period of study. Moreover, there are plenty of documents and formalities involved in the process. Initial assessment, Countries, the European and EEA regions. Educational counselling, college/university application guidance, visa information and submission guidance, Career guidance, thesis / Ph.D. proposal writing assistance, more to added…..


This specific service is designed to analyze, help and assess your pre-education credentials. We will provide a customized assessment to help you make your decision to choose a program, a university and a country in which you wish to study.


The students and their families are our utmost priority; we will go extra miles to make sure they’re delighted with our services, to help their children’s dreams come true of higher education and to become competitive in the job market.


This service is to help the students, how to fill in admission application forms. We will make sure the necessary criteria are fulfilled for the particular program, college, university of their choice.We will assist in submission of application.


This specific service is to analyze, confront and resolve your visa application related issues. We will provide the solution to all our students & clients through our extremely results oriented professional services....


These programs allow foreign nationals to establish new commercial enterprises or company in these countries in order to obtain temporary residence.(Poland, Ukraine , Bulgaria, Hungary, Finland, Estonia............)


International Bank Account is an offshore current account solution flexible to your needs. You can open the account in a variety of currencies, and hold funds in the UK, Jersey or the Isle of Man, keep up to date with online and telephone banking. Find our more..


Join the 203 million active users who choose to pay online or on mobile with PayPal. Pay securely at millions of stores and send money quickly to anyone's PayPal email address or mobile number. Plus, you can still collect your eligible card reward points.


Prepaid cards are increasingly being used by consumers who do not have access to other forms of electronic payments, such as debit or credit cards. Prepaid card as a result is perceived as an important product for enabling financial inclusion targeted...