Gladly, I welcome you to our website. Learning is the endless process through our every action. One of the significant lessons I learned from my life experience is about the power of thoughts & self-confidence, believing in oneself to be productive in life. Education is the core of human development as well as a fundamental right of each one. The skills, knowledge, and experiences attained through education express how individuals see the world; cultivate their future career and eventually lead the kind of life they want for themselves and their families.

I was inspired by an idea for providing quality Educational guidance consultancy services to students based on my own life experiences to prospective international students after spending almost 20 years as a student, educator, resource speaker, and writer in the Asia and Europe. Helping in distinctive fields of education by working as a member of student federations in various universities, doing internships & serving the local communities for promoting education.

Therefore, I want to express this message to our clients that the main reason, which led us to establish Josefia Ed Consultants, is to protect students and guardians from the hands of education ma‑a and secure the right path. Furthermore, I want to pronounce specially to parents that your children are in safe hands and will undoubtedly lead a great future ahead. Likewise, showing them the right path to their future career is the covert interest that we have always desired. Indeed, our activities fall under business but with strong ethics, missional and competitive strengths, which will ultimately make you love our services.